Can I Consume Marijuana (Either Smoking or Cooking It) if I Had Reconstructive Plastic Surgery 4 Weeks Ago (Abbe Flap Cleft Lip)

I had an abbe flap cleft lip repair surgery 4 weeks ago and am healing nicely, however, I'm at the stage now where the collagen is now forming and the wound is getting hard to the touch. I was wondering if it would harm the wound healing process if I were to consume marijuana (either smoking or cooking it) once a week at this point. Please let me know your thoughts. Much thanks in advance!

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Smoking after Surgery

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Smoking after this type of surgery would not be in your best interest.  We know smoking affects the vascularization and healing process.  You want to get the best results so it is best if you refrain from smoking for at least a few months.  Heavy smokers have a lot of risk.  

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