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I am a 32 yr old, female. I made an appt at my local derm's office. I specifically asked for a cosmetic evaluation. Instead of a physician, I met with an aesthetician. She did not examine my skin. I stated that I wanted to improve my enlarged pores, blackheads, and some scattered hyperpigmentation. She ended up recommending the fraxel laser. She did not think I was a good candidate for genesis laser, microderm, or peels. Is this a standard consultation? Does this seem like sound advice?

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Fraxel Consult

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The consultation you described lacked examination of the skin.  One would need to know your ethnicity, skin type (oily/dry), what products you presently use, when breakouts occur (hormone or stress related) and types of treatments you have had.  If you wish to see the physician, you probably need to make another appointment and specify this request. It is not uncommon for an aesthetician to make recommendations, but would probably need to be verified by a nurse or physician prior to treatment.  With that said, treatment with the Fraxel usually does help large pores. scarring and some pigmentation problems.  You would need to pre-treat with Hydroquinone for one month, twice a day for ultimate results.  Thank you

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I don't know the experience level of the esthetician you saw but many individuals employed in a cosmetic physician's office are capable of directing you to an appropriate cosmetic treatment - especially at your age where the range of procedures to consider generally are more mild, less invasive . I am not sure why she did not think you were a good candidate for the other procedures, but the Fraxel laser can help with pigmentation and skin toning/fine lines. The Fraxel clear & brilliant has been shown in studies to reduce pore size. A thorough consultation should include some options to consider to reach your goals. As far as an exam goes, I would bet the esthetician could just observe your issues while chatting with you. It doesn't sound too far off to me, but if you want a more thorough consultation ask for one with the physician.

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