Can You Get a Breast Implant Consultation While You're Pregnant?

im 7 months pregnant and plan on getting saline breast implants after i have the baby. i was just wondering if you can get consultations while your pregnant? oh and how long do you HAVE to wait after pregnancy to get implants?b

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Breast augmentation consultation

There is much information to be gained at the time of consultation...but you would need to be carefully examined once the effect of hormones and weight are no longer present, well after you have delivered.

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Breast implants after pregnancy: How and When?

You can certainly get a consultation but in all likelihood it will not be accurate and you will have to repeat the examination. Breast implants should probably be deferred for at least 4 if not 6 months after cessation of lactation. So the answer depends on how long you intend on nursing as well as the size and shape fo your breasts at the time of consultation.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Breast Consult when pregnant

If you are simply seeking information, you may certainly have a consultation while pregnant.  Most doctors would wait at least 3 months (some even longer) after you stop breast feeding to minimize potential problems from nipple discharge and to allow some ability to predict what results you can expect.  If the breast is evolving in shape and size, it will be more difficult to predict your outcome.  Breast feeding is encouraged if you are able to do so as the benefits are tremendous.

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Breast implants after pregancy

Yes, you can have a consultation while you are pregnant but just remember that your breassts will be swollen for months after you deliver and longer if you breast feed. I take this into consideration by placing a larger implant to compensate for the breasts decreasing in size. I hardly ever place a saline implant anymore and would recommend against it-ripples below the nipple and on sides almost always are present and thee is still about a 5% deflation rate. In my practice, silicone implants are the way to go. I have been able to reduce the capsular contracture rate to about as much as with saline. Watch my videos!

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Breast Implant Consultation While Still Pregnant

It's probably better to just wait until after you've had the baby.  Your breast are swollen now so you can't really try on different size implants.  Usually if you don't breast feed you can do the surgery 1-2 months after delivery. 

Robert N. Young, MD, FACS
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Breast Augmentation Consultation While Pregnant

Seeking a consultation for a breast augmentation while pregnant can be viewed as a fact-finding and exploratory mission. You can receive a tremendous amount of valuable information about the general aspects of breast augmentation, however, the specifics will need to wait until after your pregnancy.  Keep in mind that following pregnancy (and depending on whether or not you breastfeed), there will be changes in your breasts that cannot be accounted for during a consultation while you are pregnant.  Additionally, these changes may lead your surgeon to recommend a breast lift with or without implants.  Nonetheless, seeking consultations can give you a wonderful opportunity to establish a relationships with these plastic surgeons which can better guide you when you are ready for your procedure.  Congratulations and best wishes! 

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Consultation during pregnancy

You can have a consultation at any time. But the information gathered at the consultation during pregnancy is unlikely to be of much help. A large portion of the consultation for breast augmentation is the breast examination. Being 7 months pregnant will affect the size and shape of your breasts. I would advise waiting until 6 months after you are done breast feeding before scheduling a consultation. At that time, the examination will allow for your surgeon to give you a better recommendation to meet your goals.

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Planning breast surgery while pregnant not advised

Hi MissDaisyShay,

You can certainly have a consultation.  You can find out about the procedure and the different types of implants available and other issues related to implants.  However, you should wait for several months after birth or ending breast feeding before your evaluation.  Your breasts will most likely change significantly and accurate planning will not be possible before then.  Best of luck.

Tracy M. Pfeifer, MD, MS

Tracy Pfeifer, MD
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Consult for breast implants during pregnancy

You should not have a consultation for breast augmentation while you are pregnant.  Your breasts will be fuller and possibly engorged at this point and will not offer any information to the surgeon.

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Breast Implants and Pregnancy

Can You Get a Breast Implant Consultation While You're Pregnant?
im 7 months pregnant and plan on getting saline breast implants after i have the baby. i was just wondering if you can get consultations while your pregnant? oh and how long do you HAVE to wait after pregnancy to get implants?

There is nothing wrong with going in for a consultation while you are pregnant.  However, it really is impossible to say what is going to happen to your breasts after pregnancy is complete.  Are you going to breast feed or no?  Things change a lot and I would want you to be atleast 3 months out from not lactating before we proceed with surgery.

Hope that helps.

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