What Should I Ask During the Consultation with the Oral Surgeon/Orthodontist?

I am 24 I have been considering orthodontic treatment, the plan is braces, followed by facial surgery to correct my open bite, and continuing braces. I want to know what type of questions i should be asking the orthodontist, and surgeon prior to treatment? Everyone keeps telling me get informed about your insurance info- regarding the surgical costs. what do they mean? How do i research information on what the costs will be? What should i do if insurance wont cover the surgery?

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Orthognathic Surgery Questions

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Hi! I would recommend that you find an oral surgeon who is under your dental insurance plan. Once you have seen the surgeon, his or her office will be able to help you with the cost of the surgery, the hospital fee, etc. and what your insurance will or will not pay for.  The surgery is a bigger expense than the orthodontics. The braces are on the top and bottom and would be about a year before the surgery and about 6 months after the surgery (this is a ball park number as each case is different) Some medical plans even cover orthognathic surgery, but that is best handled by your oral surgeon's office. If you do not have insurance for the surgery or braces then you will have to pay out of pocket. The surgery is a separate fee from the orthodontics.

I would ask about the risks and benefits of treatment, how long the surgery will be, how the recovery process will be, questions about what to expect.

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