Do I have constricted/tuberous breasts? (photo)

I'm 21, and I've been concerned about my breasts since puberty. I was always planning on augmentation, but now I'm finding out that reconstruction for constricted breasts is covered under my insurance, since it is a congenital abnormality. I was just wondering if my breasts qualified as a mild tuberous case.

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Tuberous breasts?

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It looks like you have hypoplastic breasts but not a true tuberous or constricted breasts.  You certainly could benefit from a breast augmentation.

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Tuberous breast deformity

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Based on your photos, you do not have tuberous breasts. Your breasts are underdeveloped or hypoplastic. But, it is unlikely that your insurance will cover your breast augmentation surgery. Thank you for sharing your photos and concerns. Best wishes.

For more information about breast implants and breast augmentation:

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Tuberous Breasts?

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It is always difficult to give a definitive answer based on photographs but it does not appear that you have many of the characteristics of a tuberous breast.  Some of these typical findings include areolar enlargement, an appearance that the tissue beneath the areolar is protruding beyond the adjacent breast tissue (called pseudo-herniation), a high and tight fold beneath the breasts with a relative absence of lower breast tissue and often some narrowing of the breast as well. 

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Not tuberous

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Good Morning!

Looking at your photos, you do have a somewhat shortened lower pole, but you do not have what is considered a tuberous breast.  When considereing augmentation, becasue of your shortened lower pole, it is important to understand that you will not be able to go very big on the first augmentation- your tissues will need to stretch with a modest sized implant for at least 6 months before considering a larger size.

Please be sure you see a surgeon that does a lot of augmentation surgery to be sure these details are not overlooked to assure a great result.

I hope this helps

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Do I have constricted/tuberous breasts? (photo)

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Classification of your genetic/deveolpmental/anatomic breast deformity could be termed constricted. As for being a tuberous deformity, maybe a very small component of the issue is tuberous. But the distance from the nipple to the infra mammary fold is very short thus inferior pole constriction with high infra fold placement. As for possible pseudo herniation of the mid/upper breast, I do not agree with this part of the classification. Hypoplasia is present also. No health insurance will cover your issue because there is NO functional problem. Best to seek IN PERSON evaluations from ONLY BOARDED PSS  in your city/state..  

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