Are There Alternatives to a Lollipop Lift with Augmentation in Order to Avoid Scarring? (photo)

I have been wanting a breast augmentation for about two years now. I saw two board certified surgeons in my area. Both recommend augmentation with lollipop lift to revise my constricted breasts. I scar very easlily and do not want the scars from a lollipop lift. Is there any other way to get good results without a lollipop lift? Having to undergo a lollipop lift is the only thing holding me back.

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Lifting and augmentation

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It looks like your folds are somewhat high and you may have  a constricted componenet. Without an exam it is difficult to say, but you  may be able to "get away with" just a circumareola lift so that the only incsion is around the border of the areola.

Breast augmentation alone

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You have several options.  But breast augmentation alone is a good option by itself.  This will improve breast size symmetry and shape by using different size breast implants.  It is hard to tell from your photos if your nipple position are too low or if your breast fold are too high.  I suspect that your folds are too high.  If this is the case, breast augmentation will help lower your raised fold and improve the perceived need to raise your nipple position.  You nipples will not be symmetric, however, since that requires at least a purse-string breast lift (aka Benelli).  This second option will result in an incision around the areola.

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Breast Lift, Lollipop

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It's tough on the patient when you ask questions like this because there are so many right answers. It really depends on what techniques your chosen surgeon uses to get what he or she knows will be predictably nice results. We all get there a different way. My preference for patients with your anatomy is a lift that removes as little skin from the lower breast as possible because you already have restricted skin. So I avoid the lollipop technique and use a Benelli periareoar lift and a dual plane implant placement. But if you like the surgeon that recommends the lollipop lift, by all means go with him because the vertical scar is going to have very little visibility over time and is a small price to pay for a result you will be pleased with.

Are There Alternatives to a Lollipop Lift with Augmentation in Order to Avoid Scarring? (photo)

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Based upon the posted photos it is a "trade off" scars for improved breasts. As the expert posters write you need some type of lifting. 

Breast augmentation and if needed lift later

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If you are not ready for the lift I would suggest breast aumentation first and if not satisfied with nipple position to do the lift later.

Breast augmentation -getting it right the first time

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Your posted photos show asymmetry with the left nipple lower than the right and most of the breast tissue above the level of the nipples. If you do not do a lift at least on the left the nipples will still be at different levels after breast augmentation. If you just put in breast implants it will not change the distribution of breast tissue around your nipples. It seems more logical to adjust the nipple positions, redistribute the breast tissue around the nipples and then place your implants all at the same surgery. In the end you want your nipples in the appropriate position, all of the breast tissue centered under the nipples and then the implants centered under that.
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Constricted breasts

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Of course, in cases that are not straight forward, photo analysis cannot replace an actual physical examination.  It appears that you do have breasts that are constricted in the lower pole, which means there is a lack of skin and breast development in the lower breast, therefore removing more skin (as is done in a 'lollipop' lift technique) may not be the optimal technique.  I would recommend either a breast augmentation alone or consider a circumareolar lift, which only removes a small amount of skin around the areola, however this may be done in a staged fashion depending on the tightness of the skin envelope.  Fat grafting can also be considered as a stand alone option or an adjunct to the breast augmentation with implants.

A sub mammary textured gel implant through a peri areolar incision may be a better choice

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With out examining you to determine if you have ptosis of your breast or just a deficient inferior pole of your breast it would be wrong to tell you what proceedure would be best for you. Howeverit appears that it is quite possible that a peri areolar sum mammary textured silicone breast implant might be the best choice for you. This approach has given my patients superb results with the right patient. This leaves only a small scar on the inferior portion of the areolar complex thus avoiding the lollie pop or anchoink vision. It is important to determine if you are truely a candidate for this approch per operatively. Make sure you see a board certified Plastic Surgeon who can show you per and post op photos of a similar patient.

Lollipop vs. Benelli breast lift.

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It appears from the photos that you have a slight asymmetry and high folds. You might be a candidate for a Benelli lift (around the areola) to minimize scars on your breasts but this would require a full and detailed examination. Best of luck.. Dana K. Khuthaila, MD, FRCSC, FACS

Not necessary to do a mastopexy

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I would strongly disagree from the pictures anyway that it is necessary to do a mastopexy. Furthermore if any type of mastopexy was done, it would at most be an areolar mastopexy, or possibly just a left crescent mastopexy. Your breasts are constricted (tight) in the lower pole with a high fold, and need to be widened in that area, and not tightened as is accomplished with a vertical scar mastopexy. Chances are your nipples to do not really sag, but just appear to be low because of the high fold and lack of visible inferior breast. Your breasts appear to be moderately asymmetrical. I would probably recommend an augmentation, possibly lowering the folds a little in controlled fashion. For a perfect shape, additional fat grafting may be required to round out the lower pole and correct the fold and width asymmetry. Possibly a crescent mastopexy, which can be deferred as a secondary procedure.

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