Is Constantly Blwoing my Nose After Rhinoplasty Normal?

I had rhinoplasty 5 years ago but as i have thick skin on my nose it took about 4 years for the main swelling go down. i still have a bit of swelling in my tip now. im not sure if that is normal? and i constantly ever since the rhinoplasty need to blow my nose? also since then i have a lymphnode under my arm that swells up alot? im not sure if thats linked at all but it started happening around the same time i had the rhinoplasty surgery.

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Constant nasal blowing and enlarged lymph node

Cosntant nasal blowing five years after rhinoplasty is not a common complaint and probalby unrelated to your surgery. As for the lymph node that may be a completely different issue as well, but both deserve to be properly evaluated by your physician to make sure that you do not hav another condition.  Good luck.

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Chronic nee to blow nose following rhinoplasty.

Generally, the chronic need to blow ones nose following rhinoplasty is not considered as part of the common adverse outcomes or complications following rhinoplasty.  When a person complains of such a problem it is usually associated with excessive nasal discharge. 

Rhinoplasty can result in different types of excessive nasal discharge:

  • Chronic crusting can accompany stuctural complications such as a nasal septum perforation, severe septum deviation or narrowing of the internal nasal valves.  In such situations the nasal discharge will be thick and dry. 
  • Alternatively, a cerebrospinal fluid leak is a very rare complication that may occur following rhinoplasty that can lead to a clear, colorless nasal discharge.  However, various type of rhinitis such as allergic or vasomotor rhinitis will also cause clear watery discharge.

Associated chronis sinus inflammation or infection will produce a heavier and possibly colored mucus discharge.  Although enalrged lymph nodes can be associated with increased nasal discharge, there is no recognized link between enlarged lymph nodes and rhinoplasty surgery.  I would recommend consulation with an otorhinolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat surgeron) in order to better evaluate your symptoms.

Mario J. Imola, MD, DDS, FRCSC.

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Nasal discharge and lymph node swelling unlikely related to rhinoplasty 5 yrs ago

Rhinoplasty would not create a long-term change in nasal secretions or discharge.  Most likely, you have some other cause of nasal mucous production (allergic rhinitis is the most common cause).  I also do not think your lymph node would be related to surgery done so long ago.  I would recommend you get these issues assessed by your primary care physician. 

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