Constant Thoracic Muscle Spasms. Is Botox a Good Option?

I have left thoracic muscle spasms in my back that are unrelenting. I am seeing a pain mgmt doctor that just did a trigger point injection in 2 different spots. He has mentioned a botox injection in the left thoracic muscle area (if my insurance will cover it). I am concerned about doing this since botox has such a paralyzing stigma attached to it. Are there studies that show that this may provide me with some actual relief. What about negative effects? signed, thoracically challenged

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Botox for Muscle Spasms

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 More and more uses of Botox are being discovered. Botox into back muscles can be quite effective. Because there are layers of different muscles in the back, it is important to place the Botox into the muscle in spasm, not in muscles overlying or underlying the muscle creating the pain. A needle that serves as a monitor for spasm is used to localize the specific muscle, then the Botox is injected.

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