I Have a Constant Clear Drip from One Nostril After Septo Post Op 7 Days. is This Normal?

Starting at day 3 after all my bleeding had stopped I noticed that I had a "persistent" drip of clear discharge from my right nostril. It has been constant and has actually made my nose raw. This has been a very difficult recovery for me from prolonged stay in hospital for vomiting to a return to the ER for bleeding. I have naseau and vomiting still and have lost 10 pounds. My face and scalp are numb and my throat burns very badly. I did have a very large bone spur removed. Thanks! SEPTO-SMT-IT

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Clear drainage after septoplasty

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An extremely rare complication of septoplasty surgery is a CSF leak.  It occurs when the top of the septal bone is fractured at the skull base.  This would be the worst case scenario but it is something that your doctor should be  considering.  You will have to collect the fluid and you will need a good amount (usually about a tsp worth) to send to the lab.  Make sure you bring this up at your post-op appt.

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