Consistent Mild Acne, Oily Skin & Scarring: is Accutane Recommended?

I have consistent acne. A couple years ago it was Really bad & I started the regimen and was able to control it. I sometimes still break out w/ acne and pimples that hurt really bad, my skin is NOT flawless & I am very self-conscious w/ low self esteem when it gets worse. One side of my face is clean, very little scarring, some would say normal, but the other side is acting up again with acne that hurts. Is Accutane right for me? I want to get rid of my Acne, it's a constant battle.

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Accutane for Stubborn Acne

I recommend Accutane for two different types of acne: severe or stubborn. In your case, since you have been battling acne for years, it is a question of continuing something else that is less effective or Accutane which is likely to give you a cure.

I recommend a five month Accutane treatment course followed by a two or three month rest and then possibly five more months.

Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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Accutane and acne

From your description and constant battling, it sounds like Accutane might be a good recommendation for you. I would consult with your dermatologist and see what he or she recommends, but it sounds like stronger medications would be better for you.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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