What Would Be Considered a Lengthy Full Mouth Reconstruction Surgery?

What are the most invasive procedures for full mouth reconstructions? How often does recovery recommend speech therapy? If so, is this therapy a 4-6 week commitment time?

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Full mouth reconstruction. Teeth in an hour. Implant surgery.

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Full mouth reconstruction is not one surgical procedure.  It is a compilation of prosthodontic (restorative)planning and execution supported by inricate surgical procedures if needed (bone grafting and implants)..  If you are referring to the "teeth in an hour" or "teeth in a day" protocols, they involve many hours of planning and preparation on the part of the patient, dentist, and laboratory work.  Many hours are spent in the laboratory and preparation stages PRIOR to the final execution on the day of surgery.  The most "invasive" surgical procedures are generally, the grafting of bone to replace deficits in the anatomy, soft tissue surgery to replace what is missing and placment of dental implants.  However, all these surgical procedures are dependant on correct diagnosis and proper restorative driven treatment plannning.

If all the planning and preparation are done properly by a trained professionals, speech therapy is not needed.  As a matter of fact, once a properly made prosthesis, be it a removable denture, or a full mouth reconstrution on implants,  is delivered, speech is generally improved. 

We use our front teeth to produce several sounds, especially the "S", "Sh", and "V" sounds.  If the teeth are placed correctly in the proper position, the proper sounds can be produced.  Another important issue to be evaluated by the dentist is the vertical dimension of the face.  Mainly how tall should the face appear with the new prosthetic.  This is determined by the patient's muscles and jaw structure.  It does require the dentist to use knowledge and proper expertise and judgement.    Again, all these factors MUST be considered PRIOR to any surgical procedures for implants or bone grafting.

In general a two-week post-op visit is prescribed following any dental surgery.  By that time, the soft tissues should have healed and all pain and discomfort should be alleviated.  Speech therapy is rarely needed regardless of procedure.

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Dr. Zev Kaufman

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