What can I do to minimize the pain without meds? Is there a way to make them drop faster? (photos)

saline HP68 330cc. Right now they are really swollen and painful. What can i do minimize the pain without meds (I am taking diazepam, hydrocod, tylenol and arnica pills) i also like to know if there is a way to make them drop faster. They look square and feels like all the way to my chin! Look very ugly and depressing to look at! Thank you!:-)

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The only thing I can suggest for pain is ice and rest that seems to help people in terms of dropping unfortunately you will have to wait until the tissues relax

Minimize pain after breast enlargement

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It sounds as though you recently had implants placed under the muscle.
Ibuprofen often is more effective at reducing pain than the medicines you are on.
Ask your surgeon if you can take this now.

As for the dropping - the photo suggests (this one photo is not adequate to be sure), that your implants are very high and your natural breast may have had a tuberous shape.  If so, the lower breast tightening needs to be released to let the implants drop.

The implants will usually drop between 2 - 12 weeks.
In the meantime, ask your surgeon  if you have tuberous shaped breasts and if so, were they released.
If implants do not drop by 3 months additonal surgery will be needed. Best wishes.

What can I do to minimize the pain without meds? Is there a way to make them drop faster?

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Usually, all of these questions should be addressed with your surgeon. You did not mention when you had your surgery-- implants need time to settle and it takes time ( few months for swelling to go down). Re/ pain: you should discuss that with your PS--- arnica gel and tablets are recommended for swelling and bruising.

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Generally speaking limiting the use of your upper arms and body is the most effective method for reducing pain after breast augmentation It can help to keep your L close pressed against your sides and avoid reaching upward to And its etc.

You need to speak with your plastic surgeon specifically about options to hasten the dropping of your breast implants.  Typically breast implant displacement exercises, pectoralis muscle contractions, and pole wraps can be used but you need to your plastic surgeons advice.

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