Why Am I Not in Pain After Full TT, MR, Hernia and Appendix Surgery on June 19? (photo)

I had the surgery on 6/19. The night of the 6/19 I was in pain getting in and out of bed but the next morning I walked and it was uncomfortable. Thursday I took myself off Percocet. Monday I started to walk every morning and have remained active. I know this sounds stupid but all of the ladies I'm reading and interacting with are in a lot of pain from the MR especially. I'm concerned because I feel no pain.

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Most abdominoplasties are not painful prolonged periods.

The convalescence you describe is more characteristic of those that are discussed on this website. Patients are doing well are not looking for alternative opinions. You got nothing to worry about.

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Be happy that you are not having pain after your Tummy Tuck

Thank you for your question and photographs. You're very lucky do not have pain but it is common in young, fit patients who have excellent Tummy Tuck surgery that pain is minimal. In general

No pain after surgery

Enjoy your recovery as you are lucky to be in that situation.  But don't fool yourself into thinking you can do anything you want.  Clear you activities with your surgeon.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Why Am I Not in Pain After Full TT, MR, Hernia and Appendix Surgery on June 19? (photo)

Congratulations for you. You are in the 1% of rare patients who do not have post operative pain. Great!!

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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