Small breasts lift and augmentation? (Photo)

I'm hoping to have an aereola reduction/ lift and conservative augmentation. At 1 consultation the doctor said I would need to go much larger than I wanted to get the lift I desired. Can I achieve good results with a small implant and periaereolar lift? I wear a 32 A or sometimes a 32 B but usually it's too big. I don't want to go larger than a C. Are my breasts tubular... They seemed to be when I was young. I also lost 80 pounds a few years ago. What is recommended?

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Small breasts lift and augmentation? (Photo)

Based on your photos, I would recommend a breast augmentation with a circumareolar lift.  It would depend on your expectations so an exam and discussion would be best to firmly decide what would be the best option for you.  Be sure to see several board certified plastic surgeons and go from there, because you do not have to have large implants.  Best of luck. ac

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Small breasts lift and augmentation?


Thank you for your question and answer. you are a good candidate for breastlift plus implants. Breast Augmentation helps patients with their concerns about loss of breast volume due to pregnancy, nursing or weight reduction and asymmetry in breast size, aiming a fuller profile, a more natural look. Available applications are implants and fat transfer or combination of both techniques. There are various implant types and different techniques to place the implant. The proper implant size and shape will be chosen by your surgeon according to your desires. In suitable patients placing the implant from axillary area can be done however in some cases it is better to place the implant via T cut.

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Breat Augmentation and Breast Lift

You should consult with other surgeons who take your goals into consideration.  You dont need to go large with the implants.  Shaping with your lift and areolar reduction with whatever size you want to be should give you a great result.  I rec consulting with others until you feel comfortable and be sure to view their B/A photo books in the office which demonstrated their potential results and quality of work.  Good luck to you!

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Lift with implant

Thank you for your question and photos.  I would recommend a breast lift and implant.  During the procedure, if there are constrictions within the breast, these can be released surgically to help improve the shape of the breasts.  As for size, this is more of a personal preference and I would visit with more than one plastic surgeon if they are recommending going larger than you are comfortable.  Good luck.

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Small breasts lift and augmentation? (Photo)

From the photos it looks like in order to achieve the best contour a lift with the arepa reduction may be a good idea. Make sure to find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area that you feel comfortable with. Good Luck! 

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Small breasts lift and augmentation?

Yes, your breasts are tubular and will require an areolar reduction, internal reconfiguration of the breast tissue and augmentation.

The augmentation can be performed with your own body fat, a round or shaped implant depending on your aesthetic desires. In addition you have a wide cleavage which can be improved(dramatically) with fat grafting---if desired. Finally, there appears to be some qualitative skin issues, from the weight loss, that may be of concern or not.

Hope this helps.

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Implants and circumareola lift

I think based upon your photos a circumareola lift with augmentation should probably do the trick. Best of luck. An exam in person is always key.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Bigger implants not better for you

You can have smaller breast implants and look great so do not be convinced to use a bigger implant. A 200-225 range silicone implant and a circumvertical or lollipop lift is what I would do for you. Good luck!

Gregory T. Lynam, MD
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Breast lift and ARE

Hello. Thanks for your question. Congrats on your weight loss. Be wary of using a much larger implant than you desire because large implants do NOT translate into a superior quality breast lift, in fact it's the opposite. A lollipop lift wound provide excellent results. And no your breasts are not tubular; they appear quite normal. Good luck to you. 

Dr. B

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Breast Implant Size with a Lift

You are never obligated to go larger than you wish. Some surgeons utilize a larger implant to lessen the amount of lifting necessary or place the implant in a completely sub glandular position. In your case you have a narrow base width and a relatively tight lower pole. Certainly treating you as a tubular case would be appropriate . Because your areolae are quite large for the breast surface area, in order to get a good reduction in their size a small vertical component would be beneficial

William F. DeLuca Jr, MD
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