I have 300cc implants and want to replace them for a bigger size. What size do I need to get a D cup? (Photo)

I had my breast augmentation about 11 years ago and now will go for a replacement and tummy tuck. Since my doctor is in Venezuela I would like to have a better idea of what I need before I get there. I'm a cup C and want a cup D. I'm attaching the info and pics.

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You would likely need to increase the implant size 150-200 cc.  So much of your result depends on a lengthy discussion with your PS.  You do have some breast asymmetry (everyone does!) which could also be improved during surgery.  

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Replacing 300 cc Breast Implants

Thank you for posting your question with photographs. Any revision surgery requires a careful history, breast examination and analysis for the optimal patient outcome. Secondary breast surgery is more complicated, because of the scar tissue and the surgeonmust often address issues like asymmetry and breast ptosis (sag).In general, you have to increase the breast implant by 100 cc to increase a cup size. You can supply your plastic surgeon with photographs of the size D breasts that you desire in order to give him your perspective on this. At the time of surgery, the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can put the back of the operating room table up and use a temporary adjustable breast implant sizer to determine how it will look, before selecting the final breast implant. By sitting you up, this takes into account gravity and is far more accurate than trying to predict the final size, shape and breast symmetry with you lying down flat on your back.Your breast asymmetry may be due to a capsular contracture (scar tissue around the implant) on your right breast that is pulling the breast implant up towards the axilla, or armpit. At the time of your consultation, your plastic surgeon will be able to determine this. Best wishes, Sincerely, Dr. Richard Wellington Swift

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Upsize implants

Hi, it is not always easy to get your previous surgical records (especially after 11 years) but if they are available, they would be very helpful for your next surgeon.   They will likely have your previous breast dimensions and other info that would help your surgeon to guide the selection of your next implants.

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C cup to a D cup

It might take between 150-200 cc's to increase your cup size, but this is not very accurate because bras do not match up to volumes.  You can do a baggy test to figure this out roughly as well.

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I have 300cc implants and want to replace them for a bigger size. What size do I need to get a D cup

Hi... thank you for the question and photos... To achieve the size that you are looking for 450-500cc will be needed... But large size implants have their consequences like early ptosis, NAC distension... Make cure to have FDA approved Breast implants... of European. Best of luck.

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Getting to a "D" cup

Thank you for your question about your breast augmentation.

  • The selection of implant needs to be between you and your surgeon.
  • The right size depends on assessment of your tissues, measurements and goals.
  • It cannot be done on-line.
  • If you are going to Venezuela, I hope you speak Spanish well or your surgeon speaks English fluently because it will be a detailed discussion to be sure you get the right look.
  • By the way, a "D" cup has no meaning, since cup sizes vary between bras. But a "D" look, is to look bigger than normal.
  • That look depends on height, weight, chest width among other factors.
Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

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I want a D cup.

Loose rule of thumb, about 200 ml in implant size is about a cup size.  However, each bra manufacturer is different.  In other words, a "C" in Playtex may be a "D" in Victoria Secret, since VS bra size tend to run small.  You can try adding implant sizers in your bra to get a ball park idea of what an additional volume amount may look like, but this is not a guarantee.  Best advise: don't fixate on a bra size, pick what looks good on you and you are happy with and wear whatever bra or whoever's bra fits.

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A Personal consultation would answer this for you, but probably 150-200 cc more would result in the cup size you aim for.


Thanks for your question and your photos. 

I am honestly impressed that 300 cc (and very high profile!) look so small on you, which tells me you should be pretty tall. 

Even though online consultation will not be able to accurately answer this question for you, I can tell you that usually every 100cc represents a cup more. So, I would say at least 450-500 c to achieve the desired size. Again, a personal consultation would determine (if all the correct measures are taken) exactly what volume would be required, but that is not a problem as most surgeons have a stock of different sizes and projections to address every patients' needs. 

What I would actually tell you to focus on would be on finding a surgeon who's work you like, in order for you to be certain he/she can deliver what you ask for. 

Hope this answers your question in some way. If not, feel free to contact me. 

Take good care, 

Dr. Fernandez Goico

Luis A. Fernandez Goico, MD
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Sientra highly cohesive gel implants are the best!

These gummy bear implants (as many call them) are the safest, best appearing, most natural implants available.  I have done over 900 gummy bear implants and on women from all over the world.  We can help you with arrangements if needed.  Now regarding size after measurements, consultation, and examining pictures, 3D assessment can also be done, in my opinion 425, 450 would place in a D cup range.

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Which size for D cup?

Hello and thanks for your post. Plastic surgery tourism carries certain risks that you should carefully consider before you have surgery. There's no way to make a diagnosis online and to give you a recommendation for a breast size. For sizing, only through a physical examination could a recommendation be done. This is how I do sizing in my practice:

1) Guiding patients to explore reasonable options for breast implant size, usually two to three similar sizes, which allows the patient to visualize how different volumes affect their breast cup.

2) The best guide for a final breast implant size recommendation is derived using measurements from the patient’s own breasts and chest.

3) When measurements are considered then options for sizes can be presented.

4) I use the Mentor Volume Sizing System of breast sizers to demonstrate how these different volumes will look on a patient’s body.

5) This methods offers good reliability and is simple to use, but is not perfect.

When patients feel unsure about a size, we ask them back to the office to try sizing until they're very confident with the choice they're making.

Best wishes, Dr. ALDO

Aldo Guerra, MD
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