Alpecin or Minoxidil?

I have been using minox for 3 years by now. I took 2 breaks in between though. It gave me a decent density wen i used. But when i used the same for the third time, i.e after a break of 2 months, it jus stopped the hair fall. No increase in density, so my dermatologist prescribed me to try Alpecin. I find some shedding for the past few days, which wasn't happening when using minox. Does this mean Alpecin is ineffective? Should i Get bak to minox or continue wit ALPECIN?

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Medical Therapies for Hair Thinning and Loss

I would express your concerns to the dermatologist that prescribed the Alpecin.  That being said, The two main medical therapies used to stabilize hair loss are Minoxidil and Propecia.  I would suggest trying Propecia (Finasteride).  Propecia has shown results in male pattern hair loss.  Both of these therapies are meant to stabilize hair loss and can increase density where there is still viable hair follicles.  At some point you may want to consider seeking information from a specialist for a transplant and/or other options, but most will require you be on Minoxidil or Propecia prior to any procedures.  

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