Conical Implant / Will This Make my Breasts Look Pointy?

Hi, Ive had my 1st consult & realised my surgeon has given me a conical implant.I am small framed-the only thing I have read is that they give a good result on small framed asian women. I REALLY HATE pointy boobs! So I want to ensure that I wont get them! I am getting unders, & rounds due to liking the fullness at the top of breast. I added a photo of what outcome I am after, I realise the profile shows a bit of pointyness but Im just showing the projection im after.

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Projection in breast implants

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There is a balance between cleavange and projection.  The more the implants project, the smalleir their base diameter is.

You can talk with your surgeon about the pros and cons of the differing degrees of projection, and look at samples of each of the implants.

Imnplants tend to amplify what the patient already has, so the choice in projection and base diameter is important.

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Treatment Plan Needs To Be Individualized

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I assume that when you’re talking about perky breasts, you’re referring to breasts that have increased projection.In addition, when you refer to conical breast implants, I assume you’re talking about either contoured breast implants or high profile breast implants.
It’s important to understand that no two patients with breast hypoplasia are ever exactly the same.Not only do they have different anatomic starting points, but they have different aesthetic goals, as well.For this reason, treatment plans need to be individualized, so all these variables can be addressed.
In your case, it’s virtually impossible to make a specific recommendation without pictures or a physical examination.In someone who’s concerned about too much breast projection, a lower profile implant may be more appropriate.However, without a physical examination, any recommendation would only be guesswork at this point.
For this reason, it’s appropriate to consult a Board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in this area.This surgeon can not only perform a physical examination, but also use external implant sizers and the 3D Vectra computer imaging system to determine which implant is best for you.

Conical breast implants for augmentation surgery

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There are anatomic implants and there are different pofile (projecting implants). No manufacturer makes a conical implant.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Implant choices

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No specific implant is conical in shape. The pictures you show are the best possible result if you have very close to perfect symmetry to start.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Conical Implant / Will This Make my Breasts Look Pointy?

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Sorry I really do not understand your question. Please re post with a better explanation. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

Conical implants?

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By "conical" I am not sure whethert you are referring to high profile round  implants or anatomically shaped (tear drop implants).  I am not sure what types of implants are available down under, but here in the states we have only round implants of varying projections.  Be sure that you tell your surgeon that you don't want too much projection and he/she most likely has the option of choosing a lower profile implant.  Good luck! 

Breast Implants are Not Conical

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There are no cone-shaped breast implants.  Implants come only in round and anatomical shapes.  I agree that the result which you posted is a good result and one with which you should be pleased.  This represents a "natural look" which is what I attempt to achieve in my patients.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

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