Are You More Congested After Spreader Graft Rhinoplasty?

A year ago I had rhinoplasty to fix a severely deviated septum & enlarged turbinates, & my doc "refined" my nose. While healing my middle vault collapsed & scar tissue built up where the nose was broken. I also have thin skin. My doc was not satisfied & 2 weeks ago he inserted spreader grafts & filed down the scar tissue. I am very congested & it feels like there is something inside my nose. Is internal swelling worse after spreader grafts and can you feel them when breathing?

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Nasal Congestion with Spreader Graft Placement

Spreader grafts are placed to open the nasal valve, a narrow area critical to normal airflow during breathing. After your limited revision rhinoplasty swelling in this area will cause significant temporary congestion. I doubt you feel the grafts, but are aware of the localized swelling. In a relatively short time you will enjoy your improved nasal breathing. 

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