Congenital Ptosis Surgery?

Hi! I have congenital ptosis on my left eye. I am planning to undergo frontalis sling surgery, but my doctor told me that there will be Lagophthalmos and a eyelid lag during downward gaze. May I know if this is only a "risk" or will it surely happen after surgery. Scarring? Thanks!!!

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Congenital ptosis surgery

There are various types of congenital ptosis surgery techniques, depending on the severity of the ptosis.  The scars are usually minimal and hidden.  If levator advancement surgery can be done, then the eyelid should move normally.  If frontalis sling is needed, then the forehead muscle assists in moving the eyelid, which can differ from the other eyelid.  The eyeball movement does not get affected.  See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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