How To Find a Surgeon To Correct Congenital Ptosis on Eurasian Baby?

Hi! My son (2 months old) has a congenital ptosis. He is eurasian and we live in Germany. I am told that asian eyes are different from caucasians one, and therefor for surgery one need a surgeon experienced in operating asian babies. Where can I find the best surgeon for ptosis on asian babies? Would we be best to search in Asia (Singapore / HK maybe)? Thanks.

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It is essential to determine if the ptosis is affecting visual development.

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I strongly recommend you start with a pediatric ophthalmologist.  They will be able to examine your son and determine if there is any amblyopia due to the ptosis.  This needs to be addressed first.  Many pediatric ophthalmologist are trained to perform eyelid surgery.   An oculoplastic surgeon would be the alternative but not a substitute for the involvement of the pediatric ophthalmologist.  You might also consider having him assessed at a University Medical Center.  Flying to Asian makes no sense.  It is essential to have immediate assess to the surgeon for follow up care.

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Ptosis in Asian eyelids

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First question to answer is, is the the right time for a correction?  How old is the child?  Etc.  The first step that you should take is consult with a good oculoplastic surgeon.  You need to find out if the ptosis can be repaired with work on the levator muscle or is the levator function so bad a frontalis sling is needed.  Most of my patients are Asian and I do a lot of ptosis and it is indeed different so seeing a surgeon with experience in the Asian eyelid would be ideal.  As I'm sure you know, Germany, has a sizable Asian community so you might find someone there.  Otherwise, Singapore/Japan/Korean are good options.  . .or the US.  If the child's vision is not impaired and development is not an issue at this point don't rush to surgery.  

Best of luck

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