What Are Surgical and Non-Surgical Options to Correct Congenital Eyelid Asymmetry? (photo)

From birth, my left eye presents a slightly different shape than my right eye on both the upper and lower lid. The lashes on the left eye grow in somewhat different directions and lids don't entirely close. I have no vision disorders other than mild hypermetropia and astigmatism for which I wear glasses. This has not changed over the years. What are my surgical and non-surgical options to correct the problem? I was once told that a filler could be applied, others that grafting was necessary.

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Asymmetry of eyes

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I can see that there is a substantial differences in the soft tissues around your eye. I think seeing as how you were born with it, that an in depth investigation of what is the cause should be done before attempts at correction. In that way, one can tell if the suggestions will work out well. I think you would need a CAT scan or MRI of the orbital area to determine what is the cause. After that, a more comprehensive list of options can be discussed. Fillers are easy and quick, but with the degree of asymmetry you have, I think something surgical might have to be done along with fillers.

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