Congenial Nipple Numbness?

My nipples were numb even before my breast reduction. Can anything be done, even surgically, that will allow me to have some sensation?

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Nipple numbness

There is no surgical procedure that can increase nipple sensation, unfortunately. Change in nipple sensation is often a temporary issue that resolves on its own, but can also be permanent.

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Congenital Nipple Numbness and Breast Reduction Surgery?

No, unfortunately there is nothing that can be done specifically to  surgically improve the sensation of the nipple/areola complexes.   Occasionally,  patients will report that after breast reduction surgery they do have improved sensation;  this may be related to the fact that the nerves supplying  sensation to the nipple/areola complexes are taken off stretch ( as the nipple/areola complexes are moved up)  during the breast reduction procedure.  If this were to occur occur it would be a nice (additional) benefit of the breast reduction procedure;  however, no plastic surgeon can promise this improvement.

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Nipple numbness

There is nothing that can be done surgically to improve the sensation to the nipples during a breast reduction.  In fact this is one of the risks with a breast reduction is loss of sensation to the nipple or other parts of the breasts. 

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