Confusion in Dosage, Should I Continue?

i have had severe acne 4 almost 10 years now (currently i am 27) i have had so many antibiotics nothing made permanent diff, my acne always came back with more severity, 3 weeks back a derma prescribed me with accutane 40 mg/day, n within 2 weeks i started feeling difference, then he made me have 20mg/day instead of 40mg, n now in 3rd week ever since i have started taking 20 mg/day instead of 40mg ; the difference has started to fade away, he also said w'll stop accutane in 4th week, plz guide!!

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Confusion in Accutane Dosage

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You should discuss the change in dosage and the time length with your prescribing MD. It is my experience that most Accutane regimens (depending on where you live) last a minimum of 4 months, and sometimes up to a year if you have to be on a very low dosage. A specific mg of the medication must make it into your system to combat the acne. At 20 or 40mg for only 4 weeks this simply would never be enough for lasting results. I would simply ask your doctor.

Accutane dosing for acne

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Isotretinoin for acne is typically dosed for a total of 5 to 6 months.  It is unclear from your post why treatment is going to stop after only 4 weeks.  Have you had side effects that prevented you from taking a higher dose?  Typical dosing is 0.5-1 mg/kg body weight per day.  Sometimes I start a patient on lower doses and work up to the standard dose, especially if the acne is more severe.  Most patients do not start to show significant improvement until 2 months into treatment.  

Michael Contreras, MD
Greenwood Village Dermatologic Surgeon

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