Confused and Sad About Nose Tip After Rhinoplasty

I'm a month post-op, I had a hump removed and wished to make my tip less bulbous, I also wanted to ease the hook like appearance of my tip. Now I feel like my nose was shortened just a little too much, I also am able to see my nostrils a lot more than ever before! My surgeon claims that the tip goes down a bit after swelling goes down, but there is a part of my nose that feels as if it it upturned for good, this is all making me depressed, I hated me old nose but I almost regret this decision :(

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Nose Tip after Rhinoplasty

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All of your complaints may be secondary to residual, temporary post-op swelling. Patience is necesssary at this time. Wait several months before judging your result.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty results

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I am not sure of the timing of all this. If it was recent, it may take a while for you to adjust to your  new nose, but from the photos to me it looks very natural. 

Confused and Sad About Nose Tip After Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty is probably the most psychologically difficult plastic surgery to undergo. Postsurgical blues are a normal phenomenon. It is too early to judge the final outcome because things do change over time. Not only that, but it usually takes time to grow into your new nose. Be patient.

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One month is definitely too early to see your final result.  It is common for it to take some time for people to get used to their new nose.  I'd be patient and let everything settle over the next few months.  If you have any questions, you should definitely keep in close communication with your surgeon.  I'm sure he/she would be happy to address any of your concerns.


Dr. Cat Begovic M.D.

Nose tip swelling

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It may be hard to wait, but at only 1 month after surgery, there is still swelling in the tip. Give it at least 3 more months to improve.

Sad About Nose Tip After Rhinoplasty

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Don't give up yet. 

One month after surgery is too premature to judge the final result, you still have a fair amount of swelling, so the final result will not be evident for months.

Also, sometimes may take several months to get to the new appearance of your nose,

Follow up closely with your Doctor.


Dr Siegel

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