Liposuction Results Got Worse - is It Still Swelling?

Three days after lipo of my love handles and inner thighs, I was so excited because besides the bruising, I looked great. It was just what I had hoped for. Now, almost 4 weeks out, my love handles look just like they did before surgery. I keep reading on here about swelling but besides a few lumps in them, they are soft, not hard like I would expect if it was swelling. I am eating great and exercising at full capacity, weights and cardio. My inner thighs look great.

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Liposuction and swelling

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if you looked great after liposuction, it would be very rare to have gained fat back in that area so much to be at your preop baseline again, especially with you watching your diet, and the fact that there are less fat cells there. You probably do have swelling which will take time to calm down. Are you wearing your compression garment?

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