Is PDT with ALA Just for Oily Skin?

I went into a MedSpa today to get a consultation on PDT with ALA for my acne and the aesthetician told me she doesn't recommend PDT/ALA treatment because my skin isn't oily enough. So now I am super confused!? After doing numerous research on PDT for my acne, now I don't even know if she was right or wrong. She said I should just do peels instead. However I have done peels and they haven't helped at all. :(

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PDT works for acne

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I am not surprised that a person who doesn't office PDT recommended against it.

First, PDT can work for acne, sebaceous hyperplasia (enlarged oil glands) and enlarged pores as a part of an overall acne regimen. You will still need things like acne creams etc.

The treatment course with PDT consists of several treatments in a 3-6 month span with several maintanence treatments yearly.

I suggest you see your local derm.

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