Confused by Dr's Billing Office?

DIEP done in 2009 following chemo for triple neg breast cancer. Ready to do the revision for scar area on stomach, fix the hollowing on top of breast area, fill in the sunken port area by collarbone, fix dog ears on stomach. I'm very thin. Dr said upper part of inner/outer thighs are the only sites to get the fat for graft. Now says lipo of fat is cosmetic (my cost), placing it in stomach/breast/port areas covered as revisions. Billing clerk said lipo only covered if fat comes from orig surg sites.

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Is fat grafting covered by insurance?

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It is a breast reconstruction revision.  The revision is the code to be used.  The technique the revision is being performed with is fat grafting.  Anytime you code something of state liposuction it is typically going to be bounced because it is viewed as cosmetic.  The authoization should be done with the breast reconstruction revision code.

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