Confused After Breast Lift?

I had a bl with fg and TT with mr 6 weeks ago. My md never put bandages on my incisions, nor wanted me to wear a surgical bra, just a Warner wireless bra so that compression wouldn't destroy fg. Will my breast suffer not having had compression? And will my scar be worse if I never covered them with bandages/creams? modern scar knowledge says that wounds heal better if covered and wet. I am now wearing silicone strips. can I now wear a bra with wire, how snug, and can I sleep bra free? Thank you

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Scar care after mommy makeover

Some surgeons will place bandages on top of their tummy tuck and breast incisions and others will place a thin layer of medical glue such as Dermabond.  This glue keeps things sterile while eliminating the need for bandages.  Your wounds will heal just as fast with Dermabond as it does with bandages.

I recommend that patients wait 6 weeks after a breast lift before wearing underwire bras to prevent the underwire from rubbing on the incisions and causing a problem.

The lack of compression should not harm the fat grafts in your breasts.  Good luck.



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Fat Grafting to Breasts

    Fat grafting to breasts requires a different mindset.  Preserving the fat is the most important element. Wearing compression garments compresses fat - not good, at least intuitively.  Genetics and nutrition play huge factors in scar healing. 

       Silicone sheeting can be used at 6 weeks.  No harm was done waiting until 6 weeks.  The scars should be healed before applying anything.  6 weeks is the usual fat grafting magic time period for wearing a bra, but bras with wires are never a good idea after breast surgery.  Trust your surgeon. 

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Incisions do not really need to be covered


Thank you for the question.  Each surgeon has  his or her own protocol for aftercare.  The body has all that it needs to heal well if the tissue is treated with care and the incision is closed properly and free of too much tension or infection.  Therefore, bandages and other incision covering methods are often done not for healing as much as for patient comfort and ease of care.

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Confused After Breast Lift?

Each surgeon has a protocol, and these do vary a lot from surgeon to surgeon. If one way were proven to be best, we would all do the same thing.

All your questions are best addressed to your own surgeon. There is little doubt that you can collect contrary opinions if you look. NOthing that your surgeon has suggested sounds irrational.

Thanks and best wishes. 

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There is no prescription for a good post-op scar.

Your surgeon has a rationale for his post-op regimen.  Ask him what it is.  Your scar result is mostly the product of your genetics.

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Questions About Your Recovery

Thank you for your question.

It is difficult to give you good advice without knowing your history and performing an examination.  Each surgeon is different with the garments they ask their patients to wear (or not wear) after surgery.

I recommend that patients start using scar cream when all of the scabs have fallen off (usually 4-6 weeks post op).  

I would ask that you follow up with your surgeon in regards to the type of bra you can wear now and if you are allowed to sleep bra free.

Best Wishes.

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