Conflicting information about Vaser HiDef - is it just an illusion? or is it actually better than just Vaser lipo? (Photo)

Hypothetically, gram for gram for the same patient for the same area (say entire stomach/abs), will more fat be removed with Vaser Lipo or Vaser HD? In HD, I understand that superficial fat is purposely left behind to give the *illusion* of abs! I attach two pics from a review. The guy is nowhere close, pre-op, to his ideal weight (a requirement supposedly for HidDef-so why was he operated on?). When you actually touch his abs will they be soft?

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High Definition Vaser

Thank you for your question.
Vaser High Def initially was designed to leave intentionally thin layer of fat above the muscles and scape away all fat from grooves between muscle groups. This was becoming apparent when person moved and muscle and enhancing fat pad did not match in 3 dimensional view. Surgery become slightly more refined when fat was now removed from the front of the muscle and a thin layer of fat was injected behind the muscle layer -so called 4D Vaser High Def. So there is less discrepancies in position of fat and muscle and the latter is more pronounced.
Patient obviously should be not obese to have High Def Vaser with normal amount of visceral (internal fat around internal organs). Exercise and healthy eating is still compulsory to maintain results.

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Vaser LIPO is just LIPO using ultrasonic energy. Vaser hi def is a sculpting technique which takes the procedure one step further, by removing the fat In a selective fashion.
In general, the fat removed is more with hi def. when the technique was first described, it was used only on patients with fairly low body fat. As experience is gained, it can be extended to the higher weight individual. The biggest variable is the quality of the skin that must contract and tighten so that the sculptured tissues beneath can show through.
post op care is crucial, with specialized soft tissue massages, and garment wear.
good luck!

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Conflicting information about Vaser HiDef - is it just an illusion? or is it actually better than just Vaser lipo?

Great observation...Any thing can apply over the internet i.e., photo shop, unrealistic results. If Vaser HiDef was soooo great why do we not see more results like you posted??? HUMMM very interesting

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Conflicting information about Vaser HiDef - is it just an illusion? or is it actually better than just Vaser lipo?

Hi-definition VaserLipo is essentially a technique used WITH VaserLipo to provide patients/surgeons with more precision to sculpt the muscles.  The difference is with traditional VaserLipo the fat was primarily removed in a debulking fashion similar to traditional non-Vaser lipo techniques.  The addition of the Vaser helps to achieve better skin tightening and for patients that have had previous surgery, to break up scar tissue. Additionally, it has been shown in some studies to be less traumatic than traditional lipo with less blood loss.  With the Hi-def technique liposculpture is performed by using special cannulas and techniques after debulking is done.  Fat is selectively left over the muscle belly (thin layer) and removed along the margins of the muscle to help provide a more fit, cut physique.  As an adjunct, I will often offer some fat grafting to the pecs and deltoid region to help build out those muscles and make them more prominent.  Certainly, being closer to your ideal weight and having healthy diet and exercise choices already in place will make the results more easily achieved and superior but it is not a hardfast requirement.  If there is a significant degree of fat, it may require staged treatment and possibly skin excision if there is any residual skin laxity/excess after large volume fat removal.  Those situations are more difficult to achieve results like you showed in the pictures above but potentially still possible depending on the patient/surgeon.

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