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Because of personal/religious reasons, I am asking an important question.. How confidential are plastic surgery procedures? With procedures like jaw surgery/jaw reduction, are there evidence of plastic surgery procedures in X-rays after? Are there any permanent fragility? And how long do the surgeons keep the files/pictures? Thank you!!!

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Confidentiality, privacy and plastic surgery

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At least in California there are privacy laws that are supposed to stop Plastic Surgeons from waving before and after photos of their patients around in public without signed permission to do so. If you are only having a soft tissue procedure without any implants there should be no evidence of this on x-ray. The main evidence is there is a scar of some sort where ever there is a skin incision. If bones are cut and moved they heal with callous and the surgeons place metal plates, screws and/or pins to hold the bones in position till they heal. These metal objects are visible on x-ray.

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