What Conditions Could Indicate Ptosis and the Need for Surgery?

Who can have eyelid Ptosis surgery?

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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Doesn't make sense that we don't fix if if isn't present?  A better question might be: Do I have ptosis and will it be a factor if I am considering ptosis surgery.  Many people considering cosmetic eyelid surgery have upper eyelid ptosis and are not aware of this fact.  More shocking is that often their surgeon missed the ptosis as well.  The cosmetic eyelid surgery seems to unmask or is wrongly assumed to have caused the ptosis.  If you are properly worked up in the first place, it is a very straight forward proposition to have the ptosis and the cosmetic eyelid surgery addressed at the same time.  The take home less is that if your surgeon does not carefully assess the eyelids and make measurements, then you have not had a complete presurgical eyelid assessment.  Seeing the surgeon for 90 seconds and spending another hour with the surgical counselor is not general going to be an adequate evaluation for cosmetic eyelid surgery.  

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Eyelid ptosis

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Upper lid ptosis means droopy upper eyelid. Ptosis surgery is for those who have ptosis. There are various degress of ptosis.  There are also causes of pseudoptosis, meaning things that immitate ptosis, such excess upper lid skin, brow droopiness, etc.  Consult an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Ptosis can vary

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pPtosis is a term that means "droop", and it can be applied to various body parts. The full term for eyelids is blepharoptosis, but is usually shortened to ptosis.There are different degrees of eyelid ptosis and if it is severe enough, it can lead to visual field obstruction. In some cases, insurance may cover surgery to repair this problem. But often ptosis repair is done for cosmetic reasons when the amount of droop is mild. Ptosis needs to be differentiated from excess upper eyelid skin [dermatochalasis] which may also be a cause for cosmetic concerns or visual field compromise. A consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon can help figure out the exact problem. General plastic surgeons or facial plastic surgeons may also be helpful if they have a great deal of experience.



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Ptosis of the eyelids

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Ptosis of the upper eyelids is a term for laxity or drooping of skin in the upper eyelids. There are varying degrees of ptosis. Many patients with mild to extreme ptosis will have an upper lid blepharoplasty to correct the problem. Any patient who falls in these categories may be a candidate for blepharoplasty. Upon consultation it is decided what procedure is best to treat the ptosis. With some patients an endoscopic browlift may be performed in conjunction with the blepharoplasty. The browlift allows the brows to be placed back to their natural pre-aging position and then the excess skin is removed from the upper lids if necessary. I use a digital imaging computer when consulting with my patients and I am able to show the proposed surgical results prior to the surgery. It is very important when doing these procedures to give the patient a natural appearance and not alter the shape of the eyes or over elevate the brows. Your end results should have you looking the same way you did ten years ago. The goal is to have you look the same as you did in your favorite photos prior to the aging process. Also when asking who are candidates for this surgery keep in mind anyone is a candidate who has ptosis however they must also be a candidate for surgery so they must be in good health and be cleared by pre-operative screening measures. Best regards!

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