Is Their a Condition when Your Hypersensitive in the Glabella Area, Between Your Eyes?

Is their a medical conditon you can suffer when everything seems hypersentive locally between your eyes like loud noises and even watching things on TV that are action scenes feel like your in them. Very disturbing to me I have had a recent excision in this area and skin constantly feels like it wants to stretch. In addition my Dr claims he put Botox in right before excision minutes after is this common. Thank You for ressponse Kauri.

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Skin Hypersensitiity

Dear Kauri,

What you are experiencing is known as paraesthesia/hyperaesthesia. This can happen after surgery of the skin. It usually lasts a few weeks, up to several months. An OTC cream [ Capsaicin] may be of help. 

Botox usage in the surgical area is sometimes done to relax the area muscles, & thus allow for less tension on the wound edges. This , theoretically , results in a better looking scar.

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