Can I go on a trip with friends one month after rhinoplasty, plus septoplasty plus turbinectomy plus mentoplasty?

I'll go on a one month trip within one month from now with some friends... do you think it's safe to go? PD: I know you are not supposed to have surgery the first months after taking Accutane... but I had been taking it only for one month and suspended it one month before surgery so I thought it wouldn't be an issue. After the surgery I bled a lot and they had to give me some drugs for it (and spent the night at the hospital). So yeah... thanks for your time. :)

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Traveling post rhinoplasty

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This is really a question for your surgeon. Each of us has our own unique pre and post op protocol and since your surgeon knows your case intimately and how your body is healing, he or she is best equipped to give you an honest answer.


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