Would I be a candidate for Invisalign Express? (photos)

I have some minor crowding on my lower arch and 2 of my teeth on my upper arch are set back a little. Other than bringing those 2 teeth forward total leveling on my upper arch isn't a big deal for me. Given the pictures, could I be a candidate for Invisalign Express?

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Candidate For Invisalign Express

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Awesome Pictures!!!You have 4 to 6 mm of crowding on the lowers, so a lot of movement has to occur in 10 aligner sets.The upper looks less involved. If I had to guess, likely you could get your concerns addressed with Invisalign Express.You should see an Invisalign Express provider and have records taken and submitted to Invisalign to see if they can accomplish your case in the 10 aligners.Best of luck.

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Invisalign express

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Thank you for posting your question.  You may be an Invisalign express candidate if the number of aligners is less then 10 aligners.  The only way to really know is to have your records sent to invisalign and have a clin-check made.  The clin-check is a virtual representation of the movements necessary to achieve your desired result.  You will get to see the movements and it will let you know how long it will take.  There are various ways to work up a case in relieving crowding.  Some can be quicker and others can take longer but is a more conservative approach.  Don't get caught up on getting the fastest result.  I would advise focusing on getting the desired result that will be most stable long term.  Hope that helps!  Good Luck! 

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