Still swollen and no results 14 weeks post-op tummy tuck and hernia repair. Will I need a second tummy tuck or lipo? (Photo)

Hi. I had my tummy tuck w/ umbilical hernia repair on April 7. I am now 14 wks post op as of tomorrow and I'm still swollen and tight. I'm still using my compression garment, doing lymphatic drainage massages 2x a week and I still look like I swallowed a bowling ball. Should I just settle on the fact that I will need another surgery? I have had several conversations with my PS, who is board certified and has a great reputation, and he says that he doesn't think this is the final result.Opinions?

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Thank you for your post. You do probably still have a few months until you have reached what will likely be your final results. You can still work on toning and exercise. It may be that your surgeon tightened your abdominal wall as much as possible, but your anatomy may be limiting just how flat your abdomen can actually be? The best advice it to continue to follow up w/ your surgeon to be sure you get the maximal result possible for your body. Best wishes.

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