Best Procedure to Correct Asymmetrical Eyes? (photo)

Hello, there are lots of non-incisional eyelids post about DST. What would be the best procedure to correct Asymmetrical Eyes (see photo). I've tried a filler (Dysport) on the forehead but that just numbed my eyebrows for several months and now I feel my eyelid got more droppy looking. Can someone suggest a surgeon or best treatment for this? And what's the cost? Down time? Healing process, etc. to expect?

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Best Procedure to Correct Asymmetrical Eyes?

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell what your problem is without examining you or seeing pictures where you are looking up, down and straight. I can tell you that disport is not the solution to your problem. Also, to clarify, Dysport is not a filler but rather a paralytic agent like botox. Also, filler will not correct your issue either. Unfortunately, although I can’t be sure without a proper examination, surgery is likely the best option to address your problem. Incisionless procedures will likely leave you unimpressed long term. I do not do DST procedures but my understanding is patients are often less than satisfied. Go see a surgeon with a lot of experience with blepharoplasty. Good luck.

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Ptosis surgery and an un-even crease

thank you for the question. I don't think the filler would've ever made a change. In your case it appears he may have some ptosis but I cannot say for sure without an exam. Being a eyelid specialist in the Bay Area I treat patients with your same issue every week.   we want to ensure that the proper technique is used to deliver to you the result you're looking for but also ensure that we maintain proper function of your eyelid. I'll attach some information and a video that will review your exact issue. To answer your questions in short the cost can be around $2500 up to $3500, downtime for incision method ( which is what you will probably need) will be approximately one week with your sutures removed after seven days. You will experience some swelling for approximately 10 days and even some after that that goes away over the following weeks and months.

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A straight ahead photo would should us precisely how much ptosis you have.

However, clearly you have ptosis.  So an anesthetic double fold eyelid surgery for you should be done open to repair the crease with to make symmetric folds and correction of the upper eyelid ptosis.  Test would determine which type of ptosis surgery would be best for you.  I would definitely not recommend DST because this does not have the power to control what is going on in your eyelids.

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Eyelid ptosis with asymmetric eyelid creases

Need a photo with you looking straight ahead. It is possible that you have left upper eyelid ptosis (droopy) with elevated eyelid crease, in which case eyelid ptosis surgery may help. But need photo (or personal examination) to assess.

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