Is this folliculitis in my scalp? (Photo)

I've had hair transplant done 5 weeks ago. Everything has been normal and as advised so far. Does this look like a case of folliculitis or could it be something else that a dermatologist should take a look at? My hair transplant surgeon is overseas so the most I can do is also send her the photos which I have. I'll appreciate your input. Thanks.

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Folliculitis of the scalp

It looks like folliculitis or buried grafts.  How much of your scalp has that? If it is just those few spots I would not worry too much as usually it goes away on its own.  If your entire scalp is like that I would recommend seeing a doctor for treatment.

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5 weeks after a hair transplant is a common time to see folliculitis.  The lesions on the photos could be folliculitis, but in person examination of a  doctor can confirm that.  They should go away spontaneously with out any treatment.  If they are persistent you need to see a doctor for further evaluation and treatment.

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Is this folliculitis on my scalp?

The picture you are showing is concerning and you should therefore go back to your doctor and ask if there is an infection present. The doctor will make a judgment and possibly take a culture of the pustules I see, then prescribe appropriate medications.

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Post op care

Yes it could be folliculitis or just scab. Not coarse if your doctor was close I would suggest going for follow up but since there is no follow up with overseas surgeries you can see a dermatologist for an evaluation. 

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See a doctor

If your doctor is overseas, email your doctor the photos and see a local doctor.  Photos do not make the diagnosis and Internet may leave you with conflicting answers which may delay treatment.

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