What will eliminate all my mid-section rolls completely (bra roll, back rolls, muffin top/tire around my waist/flanks)? (Photos)

I always struggled with weight.I want my mid section flat so i dont have to hide in sweaters. This is holding me back from becoming an active person. not asking for a mariah carey waist but a flat version of mine. I want ALL the excess fat taken off as much as possible! do you think i should lose weight before procedures Im 5'4 180lbs. If i get a tummy tuck and then i become an active person who works out and eats healthy so i would probably loose weight, would that affect my stomach in a bad way???

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Meet your target weight before having body contouring procedures.

I can understand your desire to have a body that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Although a tummy tuck can give a flatter, firmer stomach, the best results will be seen once you’ve met your weight loss goals. If you have a tummy tuck at your current weight and then continue to lose weight, you may negate the results of the tummy tuck and be left with loose abdominal skin. Before having surgery, work to alter your lifestyle through diet and exercise and slim down to a weight you plan to maintain in years to come. When you meet your weight loss goals and move forward with your body contouring surgery to enhance your new figure, be sure to clearly convey your goals to your plastic surgeon.

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It is always better to loose weight before liposuction. However unless it at least 15-20lbs it doesn't matter you should have aggressive liposuction to all the areas you are concerned with. If you eventually have a tummy tuck it will not create a problem. 

Fred Suess, MD (retired)
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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VASER Hi Definition Liposuction / Body Contouring with Fat Grafting and Tummy Tuck

You need liposuction with a tummy tuck to get the best outcome. I suggest you see an expert in body contouring to evaluate you and give you the best treatment options.  Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Midsection makeover

Thank you for  your questions and photos.  I would recommend that you continue to try to lose weight.  You then will likely need some additional liposuction of the back and waist and a tummy tuck to get rid of the excess fat and skin.  Occasionally seeing a plastic surgeon even before you've hit your goal weight will help formulate a plan for surgical changes and keep your "eye on the prize" for a flatter midsection!

Best Wishes!

Jamie Moenster, DO
Tucson Plastic Surgeon
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Elimination of mid-section rolls?

Thank you for your question and photos from multiple angles. The short answer is a combination of controlled weight loss followed by circumferential body contouring. Your photos demonstrate that you have multiple areas of excess fat deposition. The mid-back rolls are particularly difficult for many patients. Liposuction alone would likely leave you with an excess of loose skin in multiple areas. Following weight loss, your local plastic surgeon will be able to recommend the appropriate procedures to contour your abdomen, hips, and back at
the same time. In a complete consultation your plastic surgeon can suggest future options, and may be able to direct you to a trusted weight loss professional in your area as well. Best of luck to you.

Michael F. Bohley, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Getting rid of the Back rolls / Muffin Top

The best results of body contouring (Liposuction and Tummy Tuck) are seen in women with BMI of 27 and lower. Operating on women with BMIs of 30 and over generates mediocre to poor results AND is associated with a much higher rate of expensive complications.
You have a BMI of close to 31 which pushes you into thre "Obese: range.
Can you have Liposuction and or Tummy Tuck? Probably. Would such operations give you the great result you deserve? Most likely not. 
A MUCH better way would be to change to a healthy life style first. Use My Fitness Pal to track your food intake. Excercise doing Aerobics several times a week and do not consume soda at all. You will see a 20 pound weight drop in a few months.
Once this is accomplished your surgeon and you should have a discussion on what you really want to obtain with surgery. At that time, the cosmetic results would be VASTLY superior and longer lasting.

Good Lucl
Peter Aldea MD

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Li;posuction or weight loss

Thank you for asking about your liposuction.

  • If you possibly can, the best approach is some weight loss first.
  • At your weight, 40 - 50 pounds will get rid of most or all of the excess fat.
  • Then you can have liposuction for the resistant areas.
  • Unless you have had children or have a genetic muscle weakness, you may not need a tummy tuck.
  • What about consulting a nutritionist for advice on the foods and calories to eat (about 1800 a day), start a vigorous exercise program (aerobic, stretch and muscle) and give yourself six months to get to 145.
  • This is not a diet - it is a permanent change in how you life. Don't rush it.
  • Then have liposuction and afterwards lose another 10 pounds so fat does not re-appear in new areas.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Plastic Surgery

Hi, Do you have kids?, Maybe you can have a tummy tuck, but i recommend you loss weight for a better results. 

Alicia Sigler, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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