Conchal Bowl reduction or Conchal Bowl resection- what's the difference? (photo)

Which one of these techniques are better? And what is the difference between the two. I have large conchal bowls, but I was planning on getting just one ear done, as I am satisfied with one of my ears even though it is large. However after seeing the picture here, I am scared having one ear done as the end result may come out worse.

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Conchal Bowl reduction or Conchal Bowl resection- what's the difference?

Hello sam100000,
There is no difference between a conchal bowl reduction and a conchal bowl resection. With the traditional methods of otoplasty, one wants to make the conchal bowl smaller by performing a conchal bowl resection. This includes the pinning of the middle part of the ear closer to the head. However, if the middle part of your ear does not protrude, then a conchal bowl resection is not indicated.
Recently, a conchal bowl reduction without a conchal bowl resection can be achieved if the stitch method is used. The resection of cartilage is no longer necessary with this minimally invasive method. With this method, a non-absorbable thread is placed under the skin with stitches in such a way that the conchal bowl is reduced by moving the antihelix fold in the direction of the ear canal entrance (called medialisation of the antihelix), whereby the middle third of the protruding ear moves closer to the head.

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