Have Wide Nostrils, How Could I Have this Corrected While Keeping the Nose Proportionate? (photo)

Hi all, I've attached photos of my nose. I am bothered by the width of my nose, it's too wide. In my opinion the cause is my nostril width. If I were to have this corrected, will this correction cause other areas of my nose to be now more pronounced, for eg, the tip. I've got the profile view figured out. Much thanks.

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You do not need rhinoplasty

You have very nice nose and I would not recommend any surgery. Your nose seem porportional to your face.

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Rhinoplasty? Perhaps not a good solution for you.

While many noses are slightly imperfect, it does not necessarily follow that rhinoplasty would be successful. 


  •    The tip of your nose is not large
  •     The bridge is not wide
  •     The nostril openings are not particularly enlarged
  •    You do have reasonable proportionality to your nose

My impression:  it would be a less-than-satisfactory experience if you were to have rhinoplasty, because frankly there are very few things that can be significantly improved and still yield a normal result.

I always like to recall the sage words of Donald Trump, who said:

  •    “Sometimes the best deals we do are the deals we don’t do.” 

You can extrapolate that to cosmetic nasal surgery and rhinoplasty: Sometimes the best decision is not to operate.

Robert Kotler, MD, FACS

Robert Kotler, MD
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Have Wide Nostrils, How Could I Have this Corrected While Keeping the Nose Proportionate?

Yes, you can have internal weir incisions that are placed inside the nostrils.  These will bring the nostrils closer to the midline (Columella).  This does not require a Rhinoplasty and can be done under local anesthesia if nothing else, to change the look of the nose, is being planned.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Wide Nostrils

Nostril contour and width can be seen best with a base view of your nose.  If  the nostrils do need to be reduced an experienced surgeon will make the nostrils proportional to the rest of your nose.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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I am not so sure that is the case. For facial proportions the distance between the outer corners of the bottom of the nose should be equal to the distance between the inner and outer corners of an eye. It is hard to say what that relationship is in your case because there is a bar across the eyes in your posted photos. My estimate is it is pretty close if not not equal.

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