Several concerns post rhinoplasty revision surgery, but the doc keeps saying it is fine and not to worry. 3 concerns?

1. firm, lighter colored elevation on the columella around the incision line that is tender to touch 2. the columella is assymetric 3. i looked in my nose and notice the septum is bowed to the right laterally and that is where I have discomfort. I was able to shine a light in my nose and see a suture that looks loose do I need a 2nd opinion if the doc keeps saying things are OK. should I see another physician for a 2nd opinion regarding this and if it is normal or not? Thanks

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Concerns after Rhinoplasty

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During the early part of your recovery, swelling will obscure the final result and you should not jump to conclusions for several months. However if you are expriencing pain or signs of infection, this should be addressed immediately.

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