Any Concerns Re: Express Version of Invisalign

I just started Invisalign treatment (cost $5100). I was surprised to see "Invisalign Express" on the packaging for my trays; the ortho and I had only ever discussed plain-old "Invisalign". Also, I was surprised that I'm doing three weeks each tray (10 trays total) because I thought typical was two weeks per tray. Is there anything I should be concerned about in having the "Express" version of Invisalign.

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Is Invisalign Express appropriate?

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As other doctors have responded, Invisalign Express is entirely appropriate in selected situations. I won't second guess your orthodontist's reasoning in prescribing it for you because there are many variables entering in to the choice. Communication between patient and provider is important in any area of health care. So I advise you arrange a meeting with your orthodontist to review the treatment plan and to discuss options. That way should the limited number of express aligners not correct your problem to your satisfaction both you and your doctor will know in advance how to proceed.

Mercer Island Orthodontist

Invisalign Express versus Invisalign Full

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From the $5100 fee it looks like you could have had Invislaign full elsewhere.

If you were under the impression that your teeth alignement included moving all the teeth then Inv Express/Lite may not be suitable as there are only 10-14 trays with limited refienement.

Ask your dentist to show you your scans and to explain why he chose Express and are you getting full arch movements.

I did once do an Invisalign Lite case because the scan showed correction within 14 aligners, but the patient had gaps and that always helps. Crowded cases should be done with arch expansion and minimal interproximal spacing.

Would I pay $5100 for 20 weeks of ortho? No.

Discussed Full invisalign and was given an Express Case Instead

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I would be concerned you and your orthodontist had discussed and decided on a Full invisalign case and now you are getting something you did not discuss.  Before I even begin treatment  with your ortho,, I would clarify why he is using Express when you clearly thought you needed a full invisalgin case which he seems to be charging you for. Express cases work well when you have had braces before or ther is minor movement needed to accomplish the desired result. Full Invisalign is what he suggested and I would ask him the difference in price of both types and why your aligners are not being changed up every two weeks instead of three. I would also ask for a second opinion from another ortho before I started this treatment with your current one.

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Any Concerns Re: Express Version of Invisalign

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short answer: yes

Long answer: Invisalign trays all work and function the same. The difference between the two types is simple the difficult of tooth movement. EXPRESS is 10 trays, you get what you get. It was established as a means to treat less complicated cases for a more affordable rate. Once tooth movement  reaches a certain degree it is no longer eligible for Express. The only reason I get nervous treating with EXPRESS is the patient had a hi cup (looses a tray, isn't great with the wear) it effects the final result more than with FULL because there are no refinements included without paying more money. This is always a bummer conversation to have with a patient.

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
Chesterfield Orthodontist

Invisalign express

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expess is a less costly (at least to the orthodontist!) product that limits treatment to 10 stages ( a few extra can be purchased if needed).  It is designed for easier problems and thus less aligners than regular Invisalign.

That said,  Express moves the teeth exactly lik regular Invisalign.

2 weeks per aligner is the "normal" request, but for a variety of reasons we sometimes increase the length of time....ask your doctor why!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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