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i have had an otoplasty done 6 days ago. last night i was sitting and i felt somthing wet trickling down my neck and i went to go look in the mirror and my ear was bleeding. i cleaned the wound. but i found and open gap on the back of my ear near my lobe where the doctor stitched me up. I dont know how deep it is or what caused it to come open.i have asked my parents if i should call my doctor, but they say it will heal on its own if i clean it properly but i have doubts. should i call my doc.?

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Bleeding after otoplasty

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Any time there is bleeding after an otoplasty, it is a good idea to contact your surgeon.  Slight separation behind the ear may or may not be a concern.  Fortunately, this is in a good location and if it needs a quick stitch now or a tweak later should be fairly straightforward.

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Bleeding After Otoplasty

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Although this does not seem serious, my suggestion is when in doubt always call your surgeon. If he/she feels it necessary they will have you come in for an evaluation and treatment if needed.

Bleeding post otoplasty

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While it is not uncommon to have some bleeding post surgery, you should contact your surgeon as soon as possible so he/she can check to ensure that you do not have a hematoma or other complications.

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Bleeding after Ear Surgery

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It is not uncommon to have some bleeding after surgery.Sometimes wounds can open up. The most important thing is to follow up with your plastic surgeon so they can examine you and see what is going on. It may be a simple opening, but you would need to be examined to rule out an infection.  


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Bleeding after Otoplasty?

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Thank you for the question.

Yes, you should call your physician and hopefully be seen soon. Your surgeon will likely want to examine you to rule out hematoma and/or other complications that may arise.

Best wishes.

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