Concerned/unhappy with CC size post-op. Did I go to small?

I am only 2 weeks post op and, although, I know it takes time, for the breast to take a natural look, shape and feel, I am beginning to think that I went too small. I'm 5'0, 110 lbs and was a 32A prior to surgery. I wanted a full B/small C. My surgeon used 310cc, moderate profile, smooth, round sientra implants. The sports bras I bought are 36 Bs, but with clothes on and my post-op bra, I don't think there's a significant/notable difference. I don't know what to expect months from now.

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Wait six months before changing implant size

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In my experience, the vast majority of patients feel they went too small soon after surgery, no matter what size implant they chose before surgery.  Why is this so common?  I believe that it has to do with swelling that occurs after each surgery.  Swelling in response to surgery is a normal process and is unavoidable.  Most of the swelling moves to the 'top' of the breast.  I think what happens is that patients see this swollen size and then get used to it.  Inevitably, the swelling will go away, usually in a month to several months.  It seems natural to feel disappointed as the breast size decreases.

I know it is difficult, but try to be patient.  Wait at least three months and preferably six months before evaluating the final result.  Without the benefit of a photo or exam, and based on the information you provided, a 310 cc implant will get you in the ball park of 32 B/C if you started as a 32 A.  There is no exact science to predicting bra size since the manufacturers themselves cannot agree on a standard bra or cup size.

Hang in there.  It will get better.  I hope this was helpful.

Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

Breast implant size, sientra

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Thanks for the question. As far as the size of your implants and breasts it is important to know that most board certified plastic surgeons use tissue based planning to determine a good size implant that will fit your body well. In other words, the implant needs to fit into your breast footprint. Tissue based planning is an important part of the preop plan to give our patients the result we both would like to see. With that said, you are very early post op from your surgery. You can have swelling and changes up to 3 months post surgery. Additionally all bra sizes are different depending on if you buy from different companies. I think it is best to give it time and talk with your plastic surgeon about your concerns. 

Margo Herron, MD
Medford Plastic Surgeon

Size concerns

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You are only 2 weeks after your surgery.  Please give more time for healing. It can take anywhere from 4 weeks to up to 3 months for swelling to resolve.  Please followup with your PS to discuss your concerns after the swelling has resolved. best wishes.

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