Concerned About the "Orange Peel" Texture Some People Report After Fraxel Re:Store, Normal?

In some reviews, people are stating that Fraxel Re:Store ruined their skin by causing a permanent "orange peel/golf ball" texture after the treatment. Many people who experienced this reported that they took all precautions and proper after-care measures, but it still occurred. I am considering having this laser done on my skin and this side effect scares me to death. I'm wondering: How often does this occur? Is it caused by the laser itself, or by misuse of the laser by the physician?

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Fraxel and Skin Texture

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Fraxel Re:Store is an excellent treatment for skin texture.  While it is impossible to eliminate large pores, they are usually nicely improved by the treatment.  I have not experienced a permanent "orange peel" type skin in my patients.  For a week or two after treatment a rough surface with a little bronzing can be present which is the old skin working it's way off the surface.  This disappears leaving smoother, softer and smaller pored skin. 

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'Orange Peel' skin post Fraxel...

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In my office, my Physician Assistants have done hundreds, if not thousands, of treatments of Fraxel and we have never seen a permanent "orange peel" effect on a patients skin.  This type of skin is normal right after the treatment and that is during the normal healing process.  After a few days the top rough skin sloughs off leaving new, fresh, glowing skin.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Grant Stevens     

Grant Stevens, MD
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