Concerned About Size Difference Post Op BA. Left Was Originally Smaller, But Received Smaller Implant?

Hi, I had a BA with bilateral mastopexy 23 days ago. Concerned about size difference. Left breast was the smaller of the two pre op. PS went 325HP on the left and 400Hp on the right. Should I even be contemplating a revision?

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Difference in size following MASTOPEXY with IMPLANTS

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It is not unusual for the breasts to take a few weeks before settling after surgery. If the difference is fairly minor, then I am sure it will improve with the subsiding of the swelling. However if you mentioned that the left breast was smaller and a smaller breast implant has been placed compared to the other side, maybe you should discuss this issue with your surgeon and find out if this is the case. Following your follow up and meticulous assessment, your surgeon and you will be in the position to contemplate, or not, a revision.

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Breast size mismatch

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If the L side was smaller and the smaller implant was placed on the left not the right, you may need to consider a revision.  Its hard to say without photos but it is counterintuitive.  

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