Concerned About Indentation and Lump 8mos Post-op from Tumescent Liposuction

I am concerned about the amount of fat I seem to have surrounding my navel, like a lump? and also a small indentation below my navel a little to the right. Also, the amounth of fat that is collecting in my lower abdomen seems to be increasing. I train for fitness shows and started 3wks post op but I was still 28% body fat, then got down to 16% for the show 10wks later and now Im up to about 21%. Could be my diet and training affecting the results? Is this normal?

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Irregularities may need a liposuction touch up revision

Firmness and lumpiness are very common after liposuction of any type. If you are having skin irregularities it is possible that these were pre-existing.  It is the soft tissues normal response to trauma.  More than likely the swelling is better in the morning when you first wake up and gets worse throughout the day as you go about your normal activities.  Light massage is beneficial but in general it just takes time for this to resolve.  Look for it to remain about the same for the next three weeks and then begin to get better between the 6 th week and the end of the 3rd month.   It these areas do not resolve you may require a revision.  Continue to wear your compression garment as instructed.

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Irregularities following lipo of the abdomen

Surface irregularities can occur with liposuction, but are less likely with microcannula use.  It appears that there is still a significant amount of fat around the navel, which is an area that must be specifically addressed during the procedure or the "donut" sign can occur.  An area of excess fat removal can result in a lipotroph, or depression.  I have corrected several of these cases performed by other physicians by using a combination of microcannula tumescent liposuction to the areas needing fat removal, and transfering this fat to areas of depressions.

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Liposuction Results?

Thank you for the question pictures.

Unfortunately, some irregularity/contour elevations and depressions are  frequently seen after liposuction procedures. These irregularities may change with weight gain and loss.

Treatment would involve contouring surgery with fine cannula liposuction and possible fat grafting.

I hope this helps.

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Irregular abdomen after tumescent liposuction can be corrected.


I see exactly what you are talking about.  If this is an old seroma (collection of fluid), then by now it is internal scar tissue, and very hard to do anything about. 

Hopefully, it is just some residual localized fat  (this can be determined by a physical exam).  Then this can be smoothed out with revision superficial micro-suction.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Concerned About Indentation and Lump 8mos Post-op from Tumescent Liposuction

Based upon your photos I would recommend minor lipo on the elevated areas and possible fat grafts to the dents to try and alleviate these issues. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Awesome Flat Tummy

I am sure most everyone is jealous of your flat tummy. The fact that your body fat % fluctuates certainly accounts for the differences you are seeing.

Regarding the slight indentation below your navel, I am sure whomever did your liposuction would be happy to fix that for you. It can be done "in the office" with only that spot and the surrounding area being numbed by local anesthesia. 

A small amont of fat will be removed from the surrounding area and put into the indented area just under the skin.

If you want a small amount removed from just around the belly button, that also could be done.

Keep up the good work!

T. Wayne Day, MD
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Irregular contours after liposuction

The abdomen is the hardest area to get reliable contours after liposuction.  The small irregularities you have will likely persist and may, if they bother you, require a revision to try to smooth things out.  Your surgeon should be willing to fix this for you.

Daniel Greenwald, MD
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Indenation post liposuction

Unfortunately it is not uncommon for people to get a small indentation after liposuction.  This is definately a known risk of liposuction.  Also, occasionally people have a little bit of fat around the belly button which is slightly more difficult to remove.  I would go back to see your treating doctor.  You can talk to them about doing a small "touch-up" in the area to help decrease the visibility of your issues.  A small amount of fat can be removed from the belly button area and injected into the indentation to help smooth it out.

Also, large weight fluctuations may make the situation more noticable.  When you are at higher body fat percentages, it will probably be more apparent.

When choosing doctors, it is important to look for a board-certified doctor with experience in the procedure you are receiving.

Karyn Grossman, MD
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Liposuction deformity

It is possible this may represent a seroma. A sonogram will make the diagnosis, if so aspiration may be required. On the other hand it is possible it is a fat collection and will need a revision liposuction to that area.

Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. If it is fat this liposuction can be done under local anesthesia..

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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