Should I be concerned or just give it time to let the swelling go down to see if they will even out?

Anyone willing to give advice would be greatly appreciated. I underwent the incision less otoplasty 2 days ago, so am still in the very early stages of recovery with significant bruising and swelling. During my surgery my left ear was worked on significantly more and now my left is a lot more swollen and looks like a rugby player with "Cauliflower Ear".

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Swelling after Otoplasty

It is normal to have swelling after otoplasty.  However, the swelling should be soft and even.   Some patients swell more than others, and the degree of swelling is usually based on both the genetics of the patient and the amount of work which was done.

If your swelling looks uneven or lumpy, it is worth a trip to your doctor to check it out.  If a collection of blood forms under the ear and is not drained, cartilage irregularities and scar tissue may result.    Postoperative care is really important in otoplasty, as the ear is a fragile!    Please let us know if we may be of more help to you!

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