Should I Be Concerned About Dissolving Stitches That Have Not Dissolved As of This Date from Lower Eyelid Surgery on 9/25/13?

I know I am still healing but I thought dissolving stitches would be gone by now.. My eye doctor also left 2 regular stitches in each upper lid and will remove them in November. Isn't this a little long for any kind of stitch, as of today a total of 22 days.

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Follow up care

The best person to respond to your question is your blepharoplasty surgeon. Reputable surgeons are always available for questions from their patients. Contact your surgeon with your specific concerns. Best of luck!

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Should I Be Concerned About Dissolving Stitches That Have Not Dissolved As of This Date from Lower Eyelid Surgery on 9/25/13?

Discuss this with your doctor. An opthalmic ointment along with massage will help remove these or your surgeon will simply remove them.

Constance M. Barone, MD
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Dissolving Sutures Lasting Too Long

There are many kinds of dissolving stitches which dissolve at different rates. However, the most commonly used dissolving stitches used in blepharoplasty are "6-0 fast-absorbing gut" sutures. These usually dissolve between 6 to 10 days following surgery -- however, if they are not kept moist with an ointment and/or are not being treated with hydrogen peroxide cleanings a couple of times each day, they can last much longer -- perhaps as long as yours have. Keep a dialog going with your surgeon. He/she probably has very good reasons for using the sutures he/she did, in the way they were used.

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Suture removal

In most cases of surgery, sutures are removed within 5-10 days for almost everything except maybe complex wounds for flaps and some hand procedures. Best to call the doctor's office and ask.

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Call the office Monday.

Demand that they remove these sutures. Your surgeon either forgot about these or assumed they would dissolve by now. The sutures cause problems when left in too long.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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