I'm concerned I have developed "inverted V deformity", how can I fix it? (photo)

I had a closed rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. During my pre op he told me we could address my hump 2 ways: Closed rhinoplasty and only shaving off the hump. Or open where he would brake my nose... He ultimately chose for me performing the first option. He said that my hump was very miner shaving off will be good enough... Now 2 weeks post op I think I have an inverted V deformity. He never mentioned this could occur after only shaving of the hump, and now it's a real concern. If so; how can I fix it?

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Looks good so far

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Your nose is still swollen and at this point no evidence of an inverted V.  It takes several months for this type of problem to appear sot don't worry about it at this point.

Good Luck

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Ani129: I am assuming the picture on the right is the after.  If so, everything looks good.  Inverted V deformity is when the upper cartilages fall away from the septum exposing the lower edge of the nasal bones in an upside-down V shape.  It is usually quite obvious.  I don't see any evidence of it in the picture on the right. 

If it does develop, it is usually fixed with an open rhinoplasty and spreader graft placement, which helps re-suspend the upper cartilages in their proper position. 

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I'm concerned I have developed "inverted V deformity", how can I fix it?

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   I do not see anything from the pictures, but you are still swollen. 

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Inverted V

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Thank you for the photos but 1) you are still very early post op and 2) from the photos I do not see evidence of an inverted V deformity

Dr Corbin

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